Ahead of the Weekend: Sunday Party, 888 Mystery Bounty

WPT Global Passport are some of the exciting poker tournaments that many of our readers are planning to participate in this weekend. If that describes you, the following three value-packed tournaments are worth checking out if you plan to play online poker over the weekend.

The $200,000 Guaranteed Boosted Sunday Party Poker added two new Sunday majors to its tournament schedule this month. One of those newcomers is The Sunday Party, and this weekend’s edition is extra special.

The Sunday Party is the biggest Party Poker event because it costs $109 to enter and typically has a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000. However, the Sunday Party on February 26 will now have a guarantee of $200,000, despite overlaying over the previous two weekends. The Sunday Party is a great deal in its original form, but the guarantee of an additional $50,000 makes it even better.

Satellites starting at just $0.01 are available all day, every day, until the Sunday Party moves up and deals at 7:05 p.m. GMT on February 26. The $109 tickets that are required to participate in the tournament and compete for a share of the guaranteed $200,000 are awarded by the $16.50 buy-in satellites.

You will receive 100,000 chips and play to an exception blind structure that begins at 500/1,000/100a whether you buy in for $109 or play your way into the Sunday party via one of the numerous satellites available to you. For the first 18 levels, the blinds increase every 12 minutes, then every 15 minutes. Day 1 is over when there are only 16 players left, and those 16 players will be back in action on February 27 at 8:05 p.m. GMT.

“NLsoldier” rejected every one of the 1,358 players who bought in over the weekend. The winner won the top prize of $9,434 in addition to $6,787 in bounties, totaling $16,221. If you win this weekend’s enhanced edition, you can expect a larger payout.

Huge Mystery Bounty Action at 888poker

If you’re a fan of mystery bounty tournaments, 888poker is the place to go because the Mystery Bounty Festival has some fantastic events over the weekend. While all of the Mystery Bounty Festival tournaments are worthwhile to participate in, two stand out this weekend.

MB Celebration #14 is a $55 purchase in occasion includes a $50,000 ensured prize pool, making it ideal for mid-stakes processors or lower stakes players needing to go after easy street. On February 26, at 6:30 p.m. GMT, the cards go up in the air and are dealt out over 12 minutes levels until only one player remains.

As mystery bounties, $25,000 of the guarantee is distributed. Two of those jackpots are worth $1,500, and one lucky 888poker player will walk away with $5,000. Six of those jackpots are worth $500.

The MB Festival #18 – $150,000 Mystery Bounty 8-Max features even larger mystery prizes that are available on multiple Day 1s from 5:00 p.m. GMT on February 24 to 6:00 p.m. GMT on February 27. You get into the event for $109, but you can get satellites for only $0.10 if you want to turn a small investment into a big payday.

With six $1,500 prizes, two $4,500 prizes, and a cool $15,000 jackpot mystery bounty, nine of the tournament’s mystery bounties top four figures.

Brazil’s “Leofoliveira” won the similarly sized $120,000 Opening event earlier in the festival, bringing in $10,811 to their bank account.

Win a WPT Prime Identification at WPT Worldwide This Weekend

This is the end of the week that you could get your hands on a $1,500 WPT Prime bundle to a WPT Prime stop of your decision, and do as such from the solace of your home thanks to WPT Worldwide.

You may be flying the WPT Global flag during the WPT Prime tour’s stops in Amsterdam, Netherlands (March 29-April 1), Bratislava, Slovakia (May 11-15), Hanoi, Vietnam (May 25-29), and San Remo, Italy (June 1-11).

A $110 WPT Prime Passport qualifier guarantees at least one $1,500 package to a WPT Prime stop of your choice on February 25 at 2:00 p.m. ET (and on subsequent Saturdays). There will be a second chance to win a WPT Prime Passport on subsequent Sundays, as well as on the 27th of February at 6:00 p.m. ET. You get a seat in an upcoming WPT Prime Main Event as part of the $1,500 package, which also covers your travel and other costs.

These extraordinary tournaments that award passports start at a reasonable $5 for satellites, making them accessible to nearly every WPT Global player.

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